Wind Turbine Design and Testing

The harnessing of wind using turbines is an exciting and environmentally conscious way to generate electricity. For small to medium-sized wind turbine manufacturers, the cost of infrastructure can be a large obstacle on the road to becoming a best-in-class company. However, Anemoi offers a complete range of required disciplines to help you design and manufacture wind turbines, to understand the test requirements of wind turbines, and to conduct simulated and actual testing of wind turbines.

Turbine design

It is relatively easy to design a wind turbine assuming static conditions. However, static conditions seldom exist in a real life environment. As a result, in addition to the required mechanical and electrical expertise, wind turbine design integration requires expertise in fluid dynamics and acoustics and an overall understanding of the dynamics of that integrated system. The Anemoi design approach brings insight not just to the design and testing of wind turbines, but to a variety of other energy generation methods, including wave energy and tidal energy.

For the design of wind turbines, Anemoi makes expert use of design-by-simulation. Anemoi has the capability to design all aspects of a wind turbine; this capability is used to complement the expertise and focus in fluid dynamics, acoustics, and dynamic performance that are part of our core skill set.

The design-by-simulation philosophy, similar to that used presently in car and airplane design, includes:

  • The use of computer software (MathWorks/Simulink); and
  • The use of a test facility to understand the performance of the integrated system under a variety of conditions. (Wind tunnel and/or flight tests are used to update computer-simulated design, including computational fluid dynamics.)