Test Facility Design and Supply

Traditionally, it has been considered good practice for a wind turbine prototype to be tested outside on a tower. However, since these tests are not repeatable, they are expensive. The use of a test facility, part of the Anemoi design approach, eliminates most of the required “on-tower” testing. In a test facility, a nacelle can be mounted and tests can be run in a controlled and repeatable fashion at a substantially lower cost than would be anticipated in a tower-based test.

Wind TunnelFinding an advanced test facility and planning an appropriate battery of tests for research into wind energy generation can be a chore. Anemoi can help with wind energy test facility design and supply, interpreting both your business and technical requirements and translating these into specific test procedures. In addition, when it is time to refurbish or improve the quality and capabilities of current equipment or to add new equipment to your test facility, Anemoi can provide design consulting and test insight and solutions that will bring your facility to the leading edge of science.

Anemoi has extensive practical experience in specialized test facility design and supply for the renewable energy sector and for wind tunnels for the automotive industry. Anemoi’s experience includes the design and supply of wind tunnels for wind turbines and test facility design and supply for high torque drive trains (e.g. wind turbines and wave energy systems).

Anemoi offers a complete range of required disciplines to help you understand the test requirements of wind turbines and conduct simulated and actual testing. Our background in automotive and aerospace wind tunnel test facilities as well as wind energy, places us in a unique position to understand and integrate the requirements of wind turbine testing into the design of a custom wind tunnel for testing wind turbine blades. Though we mainly focus on test facility design and supply for the renewable energy sector, the technology we use is adaptable to or has been adapted from other industries and therefore can be used for multiple purposes.

Automobiles today must be rigorously tested for their acoustic, climatic, and aerodynamic performance capabilities. Anemoi can help you design test procedures and conduct a broad range of tests that include acoustic, climatic, and aerodynamic factors.

For the renewable energy sector, we have designed (and are operating) a transmission test facility where (dynamic) wind conditions are artificially created by simulating a torque on the wind turbine’s main shaft.

Anemoi can also help you keep your contractors on track and on trend. The Anemoi team can also support general contractors engaged in wind tunnel supply, including writing all construction and materials specifications and supervising construction. We can organize appropriate contractors to take a test facility project from origination to completion.

When it comes to test facility design and supply, Anemoi provides superior design insight and big picture thinking to deliver cost-effective results. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation on test facility design and supply.